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a&o, cheap and comfortable in Berlin

a&o Hotel and Hostel

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I went to Germany in 2019, and I stayed in this hostel named a&o, it was really cheap, the prices depend on the room type you choose and in the quantity of person that visit this place. It is a very good option if you’re traveling in a group or for school purpose, like excursions or exchanges.

I consider this price excellent considering everything that this hostel provides. It has a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, besides it gives you a lunch packet to take it if you want to go out and know the city. Besides, they consider if you have any intolerance or if you are vegetarian. They offer you help on your tourist destination, for example: how to get to the trains, restaurants, bakeries, etc. The whole hostel has good quality Wi-Fi and every room has a private room with towels, wipes and dryer. Pets are allowed but have an extra cost of $10, which I consider a good price, since we know that pets sometimes make a little more mess.

It has different options for you to choose depending on your visit with different activities. They offer you a very good attention and deliver everything they promise on their website. Besides, the a&o hostels have locations throughout the country, but I only went to the one in Berlin, and I was completely satisfied with their services. Definitely is a place I would visit and trust again. I don’t know how the others hotels are, but I’m sure they good as the one in Berlin.

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  1. The hotel looks nice from the outside, attractive, free shuttle service It has a buffet of hot bread

  2. This is so cool and wonderful!

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