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“How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” – the New York Times bestselling guide to thinking like literature’s greatest detective

Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes

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Most often we think of creativity as a property of the mind that one has or does not have. This is not true! Creativity can be learned!

And you can think like Sherlock Holmes!

The only person in the world who was not impressed by the exploits of Sherlock Holmes was himself. What for us is evidence of his genius, for him was the result of working on his own mind. Are we all, therefore, condemned to the role of Dr. Watsons – amazed witnesses to the feats of the Baker Street genius?

The answer can be found in the book “How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes”, which is a guide to our brains, but also a tool with which we discover its hitherto untapped possibilities. Combining the latest knowledge of human psychology and the workings of the nervous system, Maria Konnikova shows how each of us, with a little patience and consistency, can sharpen our perception, deepen our awareness and train our gray cells. So that our mind becomes a powerful and brilliant tool of deduction. Not so that we, like Holmes, solve criminal puzzles, but so that our brains serve us better in our daily lives.

A journey through the secrets of memory, creativity and thinking illustrated by the exploits of a detective who made the best use of his brain.

This book teaches you to think at full speed.

Maria Konnikova was four years old when she left the USSR with her parents and settled in the US. She graduated from Harvard, today she is a psychologist, journalist and columnist for the New Yorker.

“How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” is her first book and a huge success: it became a “New York Times” bestseller, was translated into eighteen languages and was considered one of the most important positions of the mindfulness movement.

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  1. It sound like a magic pillo i m flotting on cloud nine when using this pilli i will try for e myseld it sounds megical

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