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“Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant” is a natural deodorant that lasts 24 hours and leaves no stains

Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant For Women 24 Hour for Sensitive Skin 2.6 oz

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“Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant is a fairly new addition to underarm care. And this is a first experience for Dove – a deodorant that is not an antiperspirant. There’s a difference: antiperspirants basically close the pores in the armpits to stop sweating. And there is only one ingredient approved for this: aluminum. Deodorants, on the other hand, simply neutralize or mask the body odor caused by sweat (technically caused by the bacteria that creates that sweat smell). This distinction is important, because depending on what effect you want to achieve will determine your choice.

The first thing I noticed about Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant is that it doesn’t burn. Some natural deodorants contain baking soda to absorb sweat, which can cause irritation, while others pour in odor-causing bacteria with alcohol, which can be a little uncomfortable if you have any wounds or abrasions from shaving. This deodorant from Dove has neither, which I really like. I also liked that the deodorant disappears as soon as it’s on your skin, which is an added plus in the summer.

For everyday life, the Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant works great, it holds up surprisingly well. When I change my clothes, I don’t have to wait for my underarms to dry. After 24 hours, the deodorant stops working, you can feel the unpleasant smell. But this time is not so bad. Still, I opt for naturalness rather than deodorants with aluminum. I am impressed with how good the deodorant is, as well as the comfort level. If I’m not at work, it’s one of the best options I’ve tried.

So, if you want to switch from antiperspirant to deodorant, the Dove Aluminum-Free Deodorant is perfect for you!


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  1. Azizu Jafaru

    This product is very good,I have used it before.

    1. cassymceleli

      Dove is the best under arm deodorant I have no complaints at all

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