Comment Rules

A few simple rules about Comments.

Before you begin submitting Comments, let’s first go over the rules.

  1. Comments must be written in English, and written exclusively for AdKeeps. It is against our policies to use or reuse posts on any other sites.
  2. Comments should be written with individual stylistics, and describe the personal opinion. A mere description of the mood and feelings will not be sufficient for approval.
  3. Comments needs to contain a minimum of 50 characters. We do encourage longer comments. Check your posts for spelling and grammar before sending for review.
  4. Comments must match or be congruent with a Offer (Promo post). Remember your comment should help shoppers determine if they are interested in a product, service, or website.
What reason are my comments being reject for?

Your comments are rejected for several main reasons:

  • Lack of personality in writing style
  • Grammar and stylistic errors in the text
  • Insufficient completeness of the comment