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Gosh! I wish I knew about TEDx videos long time ago


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Information is power. Having it at first-hand can help someone to come out of the daily hassles they encounter in their lives. Thanks to TEDx I got hold to various informative and catchy videos that seek to define and solve the problems we face in our social lives.

While working on a psychology essay assignment for my undergraduate college degree in nursing, one of the research materials that I was assigned to look at was a video from TEDx by Amy Hunter. She was explaining about the Lucky Zip Codes, that define human social psychology.

Interestingly, in this video I got hold of critical information such as cognitive dissonance and fictive kinship. In short, TEDx offers educative clips for free for any person who wants to learn or when they feel low in their lives and needs some sort of encouragement.

In addition, these videos are of high quality, costless, and promotes well-being of an individual. It is a trusted source of credible information that will make your life change for the common good. The experience is fascinating and anyone who visit their site will find purpose. You know what, just click the link and get started. I hope you enjoy it. Bye!!🤗🤗

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