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The ReNew Transit Weekender Is the Perfect Day Trip Bag

The ReNew Transit Weekender

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Recently, Meghan Markle, an active member of the royal family, was spotted with a tote bag from one of the most likable brands, Everlane. The brand is widely known for its environmentally friendly production and ethical sourcing practices.

Since the brand is currently offering a sale on a cherished tote that’s excellent for daily use and occasional travel, I decided to buy the ReNew Transit Weekender, which at the time had a 21 percent discount.

After unboxing my package, I noticed the bag was made from recycled polyester with a water-resistant finish. The tote bag has a streamlined look and feel, but it has decked-out features.

It has two water bottle holders, a padded laptop sheath, a luggage handle sleeve, and an outer zip pocket. You can carry the bag by hand, on the shoulder, or crossbody it.

The ReNew Transit Weekender bag comes in four unisex colors: olive green (“Nutria”), black, navy, and silver. It’s simply a phenomenal lightweight and stylish bag.

After using the bag on a couple of international trips, I can confidently say that it is durable and versatile, and it’s spacious with many pockets where you can stuff all your items and gadgets. Overall, the bag’s comfortable to carry around.

With the tote boasting almost 200 five-star reviews and an endorsement from Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, the ReNew Transit Weekender bag is a must-have tote.


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