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Lightweight Sun Shade Sail, Blocking 95% UV rays and Can withstand high winds (SONGMICS)

Sun Shade Sail Sand

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As soon as the warmer weather hits, we used to look for Sun shade just to enjoy our comfortable spot.

The SONGMICS Sun Shade offers 95% UV protection while bring you cooling breezes and natural lighting. It is made of breathable fabrics HDPE (190 GSM) which allows cooling breezes and light to pass through the membrane and blocks out hot air.

It is affordable high-quality protection that’s easy to use whenever and wherever you need it.

I’ve been using this Songmics sun shade sail to cover in the backyard space for a couple of months now. So far, I have not noticed any change in the fabric and leakage. It’s very useful, a perfect sun shade for my kids who love staying outdoors often.

The installation was simple, thanks to the D rings fixed on each corner and the included PE ropes (6.6ft (2.01 m)) for suspension. It’s lightweight and stress-free to uninstall. Satisfied with the quality and long-lasting durability.

Songmics sun shade sail can bring you a thoroughly different experience to your outdoor space. Checkout and enjoy this affordable offers to get your sun shade sail UV Protection.

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  1. robertosanon

    Le pare-soleil SONGMICS est un produit abordable et efficace pour protéger votre espace extérieur des rayons UV. Il est fabriqué avec des tissus respirants HDPE qui permettent aux brises rafraîchissantes et à la lumière de passer à travers tout en bloquant l’air chaud. Il est facile à installer et à utiliser, et a prouvé sa durabilité dans le temps. Pour ceux qui cherchent une protection UV abordable pour leur espace extérieur, la voile d’ombrage SONGMICS est une excellente option.

  2. exkidostanley


  3. jairopdv23


  4. Good it look nice

  5. mo.sallah sallah

    gooood i like this

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