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Take advantage of the 7 Special Rice Preparation Modes with REISHUNGER Rice Cooker: Multifunction & 3D Heat

REISHUNGER Digital Rice Cooker Multifunction

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Planning to opt your traditional way of cooking rice into a digital mode?  The REISHUNGER Digital Rice Cooker Multifunction is perfect for the whole family, with the precise cooking time and a total of 12 different programs, you’ll enjoy getting decent consistency and texture.

I love this brand of rice cooker, especially their colors that can blend to your modern kitchen. It’s very convenient to use, I can cook different types of grains like, quinoa. It’s hassle-free and useful to cook different recipes too. Now, I don’t need to worry about the sticky pots after cooking the rice.

I’ve been using a long time and still works great. I often used to cook sushi rice and always enjoy the perfect outcome.

Regardless of choosing the best quality, you must also consider the types which varies from classic to more high-tech designed.

So, If you’re interested in Digital and Multifunction features, the REISHUNGER Rice Cooker is a great choice.  Checkout and discover more, of its great features.

Add to cart for as low as €140. 


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2 responses

  1. I used to battle with rice cooking until I got this cooker.
    It’s instructions are easy to understand and easy to use .it is well branded and attractive.
    It is a year now ever since I got this cooker.
    So far, I have not got any problem with it.
    Therefore, it’s durability is guaranteed.

  2. Super interesting this brand of multifunction rice cooker!

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