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Keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with Nextmug

Nextmug - Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Coffee Mug

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Lukewarm or cold coffee is detestable. We know how it feels to discover that the coffee you made a few hours ago has already gone cold. And you quickly reach out for the microwave to reheat it. Instead, why not get a coffee mug that keeps coffee hot for as long as you want it?

While deciding on which coffee mug to choose, select functionality first, design is an addition. And based on our research, the Nextmug coffee mug is our top pick. It’s made from stainless steel and covered by an elegant ceramic matte finish. It ensures you don’t drink cold or lukewarm coffee anymore.

Nextmug is worth acquiring because it’s designed to keep your hot coffee at a preferred temperature all day. If you choose warm, hot, or piping, that’s the level of hotness you’ll enjoy your coffee for several hours to come.

Your ideal temperature is attainable due to the durable, rechargeable battery and built-in sensors. And at any of these temperatures, the ergonomically designed handle will make it easy to hold the mug. Another cool thing about the mug is its ability to hold coffee that will be enough for the day.

So, with everything said, why not invest in the Nextmug and enjoy your hot coffee till the ages pass away? Buy now and save 23% on the cost price. Hurry while supplies last. Click the link below.

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