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The best pet camera to watch over, communicate, play, and feed your dog and cat remotely (20% OFF at checkout)

eufy Pet Dog Camera D605

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Not knowing what happens to your furry friends when you are not with them can make you anxious because you aren’t sure what’s happening to them. Thus, the need for a good monitoring camera that will help keep an eye on your pets and preferably, talk and play with them, and also throw treats at them.

After going through thorough research, the eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 happens to be the best all-inclusive surveillance camera for checking on your pets at all times. Its level of functionality will ease your worries, allowing you to concentrate on your daily activities while gazing at them with an eye.

While eufy is advertised as a dog camera, it is great for monitoring your cats too. Therefore, whether your fluffy friend is a cat or dog or both, you’ve got powerful eyes with eufy to help you observe, communicate and play with them.

Moving forward, a few things set eufy apart from other security cameras and make it worth every of your penny. Let’s give a closer look at eufy’s capabilities.

High-quality Camera for Superior Picture

You can’t over-emphasize the importance of high resolution in a monitoring camera. A camera that shoots unclear or pixelated videos can discourage you from looking over again.

With a resolution of 1080p, the pet camera captures every detail of your pet and the surrounding environment. The 2.5x zoom lens lets you zoom in and out for a more accurate picture and with the 270° wide-angle rotation, you can follow your pet’s movements.

Live Stream via Your Smartphone

The camera is designed to seamlessly connect with any of your smart devices, such as Android, iPhone, tablet, etc, so you can easily monitor and interact with your pet from the comfort of your smartphone.

Motion Detection for Tracking Your Pet

The eufy’s camera utilizes AI to automatically track and find your pet, even when it’s in motion.

In-built Microphone and Speaker for Communication

The built-in microphone and camera allow you to talk to your pet at any time of the day. This way, your cat or dog won’t feel lonely and you won’t feel the guilt of leaving them alone either.

Superior Infrared Sensors for Brighter Visibility in the Dark

Eufy’s dog camera uses infrared sensors that leave you out of guesswork at night. The sensors provide clear, bright images every time, which is most helpful at night.

Treat Dispenser for Keeping Your Pet Satisfied

Not being around doesn’t mean your pet should feel hungry all day. As such, the camera features a treat dispenser which helps you throw treats at them to keep them interactive and satisfied, especially when you’re coming back late.

In light of these facts, the eufy Pet Dog Camera is a must-have for every pet owner as it will increase the level of relationship you have with your furry friend. Buy now and prevent your cat and dog from being alone anymore.

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