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Create High-Quality Images and Hollywood-Looking Videos With Your Smartphone Using ULANZI Anamorphic Lens

ULANZI 1.55XT Anamorphic Lens Filmmaking Phone Camera Lens

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Smartphone usage has gone beyond calling and texting. These days, people use their cell phones to snap pictures and shoot videos for their social media profiles, and some even make money with them.

So, whether you use your phone’s camera for leisure or business purposes, attaching the ULANZI Anamorphic Lens to it can improve the quality of your images and videos.

The universal lens works perfectly with both Apple iPhone and Android devices. Ulanzi offers two adaptable clips, one for Android users and the other for iPhone users, enabling individuals to grip the lens to their phone with ease. The lens is designed to stand the test of time.

Featuring a high-definition optical lens that delivers crystal-clear images and videos. And when you’re shooting in strong light (which is not usually good for filming), the lens can transform the harsh light to brushed glare effects similar to that of Hollywood movies.

Being a professional cinematographer, I always go around with my DSLR camera to capture beautiful moments. But when I learned about this ULANZI Anamorphic Lens, I decided to mess around with it to see its capabilities.

I found that the lens operates at an infinite focal length, capturing wider shots than your normal camera lenses. These are too much for my liking. Then I stepped outside to shoot some B-rolls, the results are amazing and I am so convinced that this is the perfect lens for shooting on the go.

I don’t have to go around with my DSLR anymore as I already have the best filming gadgets, my cell phone, and the Ulanzi lens, in my pocket. Most professional music video and movie makers already adopt the Ulanzi lens and their products have been exceptionally great.

Those who do not want to go to the extreme with their smartphone’s camera can acquire the lens for taking better pictures and more quality videos for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other top social networking sites.

Get this unique anamorphic lens at the most affordable price on Amazon and be rest assured that you’ll get your item in the shortest time possible. Click the link below to ORDER NOW.

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