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The book “FULL POWER OF DREAMS” helps young readers get to know themselves better


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The concept of “FULL POWER OF DREAMS” is such that a child can personalize a book.

The book has a space for writing a name and a series of exercises for the reader to complete.

“FULL POWER OF DREAMS” takes young readers on an extraordinary journey in the company of an experienced pilot and four heroes, Leo, Widerka, Beaver and Goldas.

Together they will climb mountains of life, see volcanoes of emotion, walk through the land of diversity, visit the islands of Luckland and the land of coincidence.

Along the way, they will talk, joke (and sometimes tease each other) and, above all, think about what they dream about and how to make those dreams come true.

Therefore, it is first and foremost a journey into themselves – exploring their desires and emotions, building a sense of identity and self-esteem that will give children the skills they need for adulthood.

The author of the book, Jacek Walkiewicz, is a psychologist, trainer and motivational speaker – a member of the Association of Professional Speakers.

He has published a number of well-known titles for adults, and this book is his debut in children’s literature. It is undoubtedly a successful debut.

Although the topics touched upon in the book are not simple, the author’s lighthearted narrative style and characters close to children make the young reader familiar with the world of adult life and allow him to wink at reality.

The nonchalant atmosphere of the book is enhanced by Jarek Kaidana’s original, humorous illustrations (which are also a hallmark of the entire series). The sprawling lines give the characters clarity, and the funny scenes, usually based on unexpected associations, show that even if nothing in life is obvious, sometimes it’s at least funny.

“FULL POWER OF DREAMS” is not just a book for kids. It’s a book for life. After all, we carry our childhood dreams in our hearts all our lives until they come true. And when we become adults, we never regret the dreams that came true. But we do regret the ones that didn’t come true.

This book is for children, so they don’t have to wait as long as their parents, to learn that dreams come true and that dreams that come true are priceless.

I recommend buying the book “FULL POWER OF DREAMS” for your child at the link below.


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