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Informative cookbook “Ruthless Cooking”

Kuchnia bezwzględna

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Good cooking should be ruthless. Joshua Weisman helps you take cooking to the next level by improvising and assembling dishes the way you like, from what you like. No regrets, no excuses, no excuses, with light humor and over 100 delicious recipes.

You’ll learn how to make dishes with them that will change your culinary experience forever:

  • steak fried by the secret method from Steakhouses,
  • the Caesar salad of your life,
  • the intense flavor of beef pho that will make you cry with emotion,
  • a perfectly assembled, most delicious burger in the world.

Joshua Weissman is a culinary genius, a charismatic and unconventional chef who dares to challenge fast-casual cooking. He runs a YouTube channel where he slices, twists, picks and marinates for his multimillion-dollar audience in his original series, “But Better.”

Weisman’s goal to “stop putting the past on a pedestal” requires no apology and is strongly supported in this book, which encourages readers to develop their culinary intuition without losing their knowledge of the basics.

Not only do these recipes teach the basics of cooking, but they are designed to impress and will be perfect when guests are visiting or for an evening menu. Designed for novice home cooks, the Absolute Kitchen book contains detailed instructions, delicious recipes, and plenty of twists and turns that experienced cooks will enjoy as well.

I want people to understand that the most important thing today is not to have some weird newfangled appliance in your kitchen arsenal whose only function is to peel an avocado. The most important thing is culinary intuition. If you understand how and why the technique or ingredient you choose affects the outcome, there is no boundary or barrier that will prevent you from cooking literally anything. Also, I believe there are no rules. Respect tradition, of course, but also “repeat” and build a solid base of knowledge about cooking, cuisine and, above all, technique. It’s time to stop putting the past on a pedestal and just cook something really good.

This book is written in Polish. If you love and understand the Polish language, the book “Ruthless Cooking” is written just for you! I definitely recommend you read it.

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