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Keep your shoes shining and looking good with the Stone and Clark Store Shoe Polish & Care Kit

Stone and Clark Store Shoe Polish & Care Kit

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Your shoes may be expensive – that’s not a big deal. What’s more important is keeping those shoes in good condition for as long as possible. The Stone and Clark Store Shoe Polish & Care Kit is a reliable set of polishes and tools designed to make your shoes retain their aesthetic, quality, and durability.

Outside this kit, you don’t need any other tool to properly care for your shoes. The items in the package include black, brown, and neutral wax polish, two wooden brushes, shine sponges, a shoe horn, and a buffing cloth.

All items are of the best quality – sturdy and long-lasting. And they come in a small leather bag that is portable and lightweight. This bag makes it possible and easy to polish your shoes when lodging in a hotel, at the office or when travelling around the world.

I used this shoe kit to clean up my Dr Martens’ shoes that I have long abandoned at home. They were very dirty but once cleaned and shine with the polish kit, the result was amazing. The shine sponge is great for bringing out the perfect shine of the shoes.

Use this shoe polish and care kit to keep your shoes looking great always. You can also gift the kit to someone special on their special day. Get it at the best price today.

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