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Keeping It Together, One Peg at a Time (Using the Yansanido Chip Clips)

Yansanido Chip Clips

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Both plastic and wooden clothespins can break apart at any time, leaving your clothes falling and becoming dirty. So, if you’re tired of using those clothes pegs, try the Yansanido Chip Clips instead. The clips are guaranteed to firmly clasp onto whatever you’re using them to hold.

A pack contains 30 pcs of metal clips coated with PVC. They are strong and can last for decades without rusting. The clips are better at holding clothes on the hanger and paper. They are also useful for sealing frozen foods, grocery food saver packages, and chop bags.

I purchased these clips and use them for a variety of home activities – for laundry, sealing bags, pet foods, and cereal. Contrary to the plastic clips I have used in the past, these metal clips won’t break and are ideal for everyday use.

The robust clothes pegs come in diverse colors, allowing me to choose similar colors to peg my clothes and another color set for my undies. I also like the fact that the coating is not slippery when wet. Above all, I am happy with the quality and usefulness of the clips.

You should also consider these clothes pegs that are perfect for holding your clothes and other sealable items you have at home. Better still, you can buy the 30-clip pack as a gift for friends, family, and neighbors. Take advantage of this affordable price offer today by clicking on the link below.

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