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Want stand-out, timeless jewellery at affordable prices with no compromise on quality- or the planet? This french brand is for you

La Bijouterie des Petits Amours

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When buying jewellery, it always seems as though when you find a really cute/original/edgy/really cool piece that you love, it’s either in some sort of metal alloy that ends up turning you Shrek-green, or completely out of your means. I always end up thinking: “Do I want to invest any kind of money in something I’ll only get a few wears out of, and that I’ll have to take off anytime I wash my hands- let alone take a shower?” or “Do I want to invest that much money in such a tiny object, that, knowing myself, I’ll probably end up loosing while sliding my hand under the plastic flap to retrieve my transport ticket from the ticket machine at the station?” (True story). And the worst scenario of course, if when a piece of jewellery is cute, but objectively crap quality AND yet at an exorbitant price. 

Well, worry no more.  I have found the perfect compromise in the angelic form of a niche little french brand, called “La Bijouterie des Petits Amours”, which roughly translates to “The Little Cherubs’ Jewellery Shop”, but obviously it sounds much more poetic in french. The brand offers a selection of beautiful, unique, original and timeless pieces (the whole brand identity is very focused on that last aspect), ranging from (very iconic) rings, to necklaces, to bracelets, without forgetting earrings, all very affordably and reasonably priced (if you head over soon you’ll even be able to make the most of their winter sale!)

All of their jewellery is either made of 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, or gold/silver-plated stainless steel, meaning it is waterproof and tarnish proof (however, like all jewellery brands, they do recommend avoiding prolonged contact with water or more corrosive substances, like sea-water for example, to maintain your jewellery looking as amazing and shiny as possible for as long as possible, without needing to polish or maintain them etc- but what we’re saying is if you wash your hands with your rings on or occasionally forget to take your necklace off in the shower: no stress, your jewellery will be perfectly fine)

Their collection is also made with other precious materials, such as opal, zirconia, turquoise, labradorite… as well as a whole natural pearl collection (Collection des Perles naturelles) of jewellery made with natural freshwater pearls (which I personally find kind of incredible).

Lastly, what I really really love about this brand (other than the exhaustive list of things mentioned above) is the fact that it’s whole method of production is based on a pre-order system, meaning they will only create the quantity of jewellery that is needed, and thus ensure no material, energy, time or effort is wasted. I have been a vocal advocate of the pre-order system for a long time, as I think it is the most eco-responsible way to produce (it being the opposite to mass-production) and that all brands, if and when possible, should do this- but this is the first independent jewellery brand that I have seen actually do it.

So really, I ask you, what’s not to like? Head over to their (absolutely gorgeous) website and see for yourself, but I cannot guarantee you won’t fall in love.

any thoughts?

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