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“NIVEA HAND CARE SOOTHING ALOE VERA & JOJOBA OIL” Help your hands always be soft and well-groomed


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“NIVEA HAND CARE SOOTHING ALOE VERA & JOJOBA OIL” I like it very much. The cream is light, so it spreads well and has a small consumption.

It literally absorbs in seconds, leaving my skin feeling velvety and much more moisturized to the touch. It doesn’t leave any stickiness, but it kind of covers the skin with a protective film. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but when I wash my hands, I can feel it soaping up and rinsing off.

My hands skin is dry, after using this cream it becomes more moisturized, soft and smooth, and my hands look better groomed.

“NIVEA HAND CARE SOOTHING ALOE VERA & JOJOBA OIL” is a cosmetic with a fast-absorbing texture, which brings improvement in the condition of the skin in just a few moments.

Its formula includes natural active ingredients designed to care for dry and rough skin. Aloe extracts and jojoba oil have a nourishing and regenerating effect on the hands. Intensive moisturization provides them with a beautiful appearance and smoothness. The cosmetic stimulates the keratinization process, refreshing the epidermis and softening it. It surrounds hands with a hydrolipidic protective coat, protecting them from the harmful effects of external factors.

“NIVEA HAND CARE SOOTHING ALOE VERA & JOJOBA OIL” is an invigorating elixir for a dry body.

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