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A Keto cookbook that Gives you Recipes to Make Foods that are Low in Carbs while Tasting Great – Claire Bailey

Fast Keto book with 800+ recipes

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This book has numerous tips on cookware, cooking temperatures, food quality and other information to ensure that you’re not just eating Keto, but eating healthy and sustainably.

The Fast 800 Keto Recipe Book by Claire Bailey that I have come across, so useful to me for reducing my body fat. I used to be around 70 kg postpartum body and was seeking options to reduce my weigh somehow. Then I got to know about the keto diet. I tried it, and I was able to lose around 8-10 kg.

The book not only has some mouthwatering recipes but also  provides complete information about the facts behind the KETO diet and why it is healthy to follow, and the majority of the keto recipes I found were tasty.

This is also a great introductory Fast Keto book with 800+ recipes, which honestly discusses many of the issues involved in switching to Keto easily and successfully.

The recipes can be easily made at home, which allows you to know exactly what is in each recipe, so it makes it easier to stay on your Keto diet to lose body fat.

So far, One of the best Keto Cookbook! Strongly recommend to everyone who is new to the Keto diet.

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  1. I will buy this since i want fo loos wait and all

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