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Clear skin is one swipe away with COSRX Clear Pads

COSRX One Step Original Clear Pad x70

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I used to find the numerous steps of the usual skincare routine too long for someone like me who is too busy with work, so I wanted to look for a product that is easy to use but is guaranteed to work. That is how I checked the Korean skin care brand COSRX, which is a trusted, FDA-approved brand. I found out about their COSRX Clear Pads and decided to try it out for myself.

I use the product after washing my face to further clean my skin and get rid of blackheads. The product prevents acne breakouts and also works as an exfoliant, a toner, and a makeup remover! I was so surprised when I first saw the product because I was dubious if it would actually do everything that it advertised it could do. I thought that there was no harm in trying, so I decided to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised when I first used it. One thing that I found great about this product is that it is not lacking in ingredients; the essence that it is soaked in is abundant in amount. I could almost use it as a toner if I wanted to. The second thing is that it actually works as advertised! I used to use toner every time after washing my face, but with this product, I can just swipe away and it can work as a toner. The redness of my skin faded, the blackheads on my nose slowly became unnoticeable, and I didn’t have any acne breakouts for a while. The third thing to top it all off is that the product felt extremely gentle on my sensitive skin! It is soothing on the skin, and it actually feels good to use, and it doesn’t have any weird smell.

The COSRX Pads are a huge time saver for busy people like me, and they do so many things at once. I say don’t hesitate and try this out for yourself!


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