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Make Healthy Food for Your Baby in Less Than Five Minutes With the Nuby Baby Food Blender

Nuby Baby Food Blender

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Since commercial baby food has almost doubled in price, I decided to start making my own. Unfortunately, neither my old food processor nor the old blender can completely purée anything smooth enough to pass as baby food

I got this Nuby Baby Food Blender for my 6 months old daughter and I have used it for almost 4 months. The blender set has everything I need to prepare food for my baby and all the items that come with it are of good quality; they look robust and durable.

It comes with a high-power motor and sharp stainless steel blades which get the job done in a few minutes. I confirmed with the sales rep that this product is latex-free and BPA-free. So I’m not worried about my fruits and vegetables discoloring in the process of blending them.

My daughter loves all the food I’ve purréed with this blender. With the press of a button, I’ve used it for puréeing oranges, greens, and veggies. It’s so easy to use and it works perfectly. And for the time being, it has not developed any problem.

The 22-piece set includes the main blender with two blades, six food storage pots, blending bowls, two long-handle spoons, and a soft-tip spatula, among others. The spoon is well crafted as it’s soft and gentle to my baby’s mouth.

The blender package also includes a user manual with detailed instructions on how to get started with the product. Cleaning this unit is extremely easy; just disassemble it and wash it, as well as other items in the set.

To wrap things up, I am pleased with this set as it has delivered beyond my expectations by helping me save time, effort, and money. These benefits are worth considering – buy via the link below.


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  1. Heatly smoothie is good for your heath

  2. It is easy and fast to use this machine is the best.

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