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Indispensable Sneakers With All-Around Comfort

Cruyff Fearia 067 Sneakers

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I have a positive impression about these shoes as soon as I got them but I decided to walk around in them for a few days before writing a review. In summary, these shoes are mind-blowing. Wearing them makes me feel like I’ve not worn good shoes all my life.

I was planning to celebrate my birthday in an amusement park and I was looking for a pair of good sneakers to complement my hooded shirt and jeans. The shoes aren’t just for fashion (part of it though), but majorly for comfort as I’ll be spending the whole day at the part in the shoes.

During my research, all fingers were pointing at these Cruyff Fearia sneakers. So I bought them and they look as good as they appear in the ad. I wore them twice to run some errands before the D-Day. This way, I would know what to expect and honestly, the comfort they offer exceeded my imagination.

Wearing these trainers with my outfits enhanced my overall look. The quality of foam inside the shoes makes them feel so comfy, supporting my feet from all sides. I could wear them around for a long time because the midsole cushioning is extremely lightweight too.

In the past, I wouldn’t wear my shoes halfway through the day but this time, I wore them a full day without feeling pain in my heel except for the type of pain you feel when you walk on your feet all day. This pain, however, is bearable and manageable. There were no blisters either.

If you’re looking for shoes that will provide you with the comfort you need while walking miles, consider these Cruyff Fearia sneakers. They’re cute and trendy, also affordable.


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  1. emmy nyoni

    I may say thaes sneakers are compatible and very good for fashion and smart crufyy fearia are amazing. If you are looking for causal shoe consider crufyy fearia.

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