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Store Your Baby’s Food More Securely With haakaa Baby Food Jars

haakaa High Borosilicate Glass Baby Food Storage Jars with Silicone Lid-6 Set

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Recently, my daughter’s daycare provider was complaining about my baby’s food leaking a lot from the food jar. I quickly asked for recommendations. And among all the baby food jars recommended, only haakaa six-pack jars piqued my interest.

The jars are made of borosilicate glass and leak-proof silicone lids which solves the problem I had with the previous jars. Now, I can store my daughter’s homemade baby food confidently without any fear that the food will leak out.

I like the moderate size of these jars (4 oz each), as they are perfect for storing more than what my little girl can eat at a time. The jars also save me the stress of making her food every time. I make a variety of meals in the evening and store them in these jars overnight.

I usually allow the hot meals to get cold before securing the lids and then keep the jars in the fridge till the next day. And if the jar contents become frozen before the next morning, I allow them to thaw first before warming them. That way, she eats fresh food at every mealtime.

I love using these jars for making nutritious homemade purees and freezing my baby’s porridge. I also use some to keep snacks for her. So she always has a variety of meals available. If she doesn’t want to eat one, she will like the other.

These haakaa baby food jars are enduring, I’ve mistakenly dropped some of them and they never broke. I’m so impressed with their quality. I have not written a review before but the level of satisfaction I have with these jars couldn’t hold me back.

I’m also using this opportunity to tell all moms out there not to settle for fake jars. Order haakaa baby food jars and store your baby’s food more securely.


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  1. emmy nyoni

    These jars are very strong so to say,they are not easily broke.. they are durable and good for the school going kids you know how kid are they like trying new things so they will try to hit the jar on the floor to see if it breaks. Therefore the hakaa baby food store jars do their job perfectly by securing them. I urge all moms to consider these jars for there little ones.

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