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Perfect Laptop for 80% of users (Macbook Air 13″ 2020)

Macbook Air 13" 2020

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I have been away from Apple for a while and decided to give the new Apple MacbookAir (“MBA”) a go. I have been using a Dell XPS13 for my daily driver for quite some time but Dell seem to be a bit hit and miss with their releases lately so I decided to throw caution to the wind with the new release of Apple Powered machines.

Well I am blown away, the MBA has no fan, is super fast and feels like the best quality available to man. The only negative i would give it is that I am not a fan of the new USB3 connectors but that is a personal gripe based on not wanting to change all of my USB devices or use a dongle. The laptop seems to have transcended normal physics by being Fast, Quiet and giving (based on my use) up to 15 hours battery life.

Although many of the programs I use are not yet “Native” to the new system and chip in the MBA, it doesn’t matter, Apple have managed to make them work anyway with something called “Rosetta 2”. I don’t know what it is or how it works, much like when I get in the car and just drive it I don’t need to know how the pistons and timing works, as long as they do.

If you are a normal user of computers Mail, Internet, Youtube, some office work i.e. XL, Word etc. This machine will handle anything you can give it. I’m not one for games (on laptops) so I cannot give an opinion on that. There are videos online of it playing games on full setting with great results. Also more engineering users or Drafting 3D users may want to look at the MacBookPro, but for me this is the perfect machine.


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5 responses

  1. مرضیه شفیعی

    I have one, it’s good, I’m satisfied, I recommend it

  2. مرضیه شفیعی

    It is one of my best purchases, I always recommend it to my friends

  3. مرضیه شفیعی

    The experience of using this is great. I’ve had it for years and it’s still as good as the first day

  4. Ade Badran

    It is an ideal, highly sensitive device that works for a long time and is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts for hours and can handle all programs with instant processing of all data

  5. Chukwudi Chimezie

    Fantastic laptop the battery is good and quality product that you what you wish.very fast

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