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Complete Your Outfit With These Premium Slide Sandals

CHARLES & KEITH Double Buckle Strap Slide Sandals

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These palm sandals come in handy; they look very good and fit suitably. I was just browsing the internet when I saw the advert for these CHARLES & KEITH Double Buckle Strap Slide Sandals. I fell in love with them immediately because I knew they were going to be a great addition to my shoe collection.

They are made of high-quality faux leather material with breathable lining. With their open square-toe design, these casual slide sandals allow free airflow into your feet. The double buckle front straps add a premium statement to the look of the sandals. And the 1.5cm height of the heels is perfect for my liking.

I selected the color black because it’s my favorite and it goes with any color and type of outfit. I like wearing them every weekend, especially when there’s a fun gathering with my friends. I prefer putting on these stylish sandals with trousers and a shirt on them. It makes me look simple, yet sophisticated.

I have worn these sandals countless times and the quality of the leather never seems to depreciate or lose color. No signs of wear and tear on the heels too. In my opinion, they deserve more than 5 stars. I bought a pair for one of my friends who always appreciate people’s outfit and look. She was excited!

These are a pair of stylish sandals for anyone interested in affordable and premium sandals they can wear with any dress to any gathering. They are strong and durable and they are a great value for money.


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