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Lounge in Comfort With This Stylish, Silky-Soft Dressage Dreams Short Pyjama Set

Dressage Dreams Short Pyjama Set

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The attention you put into shopping for a cozy pair of matching pyjamas might not be the same as the one you put into buying a perfect pair of jeans or a luxurious outfit. However, choosing the best pyjama that is stylish, durable, and comfortable also requires a bit of fine art.

In preparation for my honeymoon, however, I purchased this Dressage Dreams Short Pyjama Set based on many factors. The first and foremost is to promote good sleep and I am so happy that this pair of blouse and shorts pyjama set meets my sleeping needs in terms of comfort, quality, and budget.

Within the first 2 weeks of our wedding, I wore the blouse and shorts more than 90% of the time because my hubby likes how they fit nicely around my curves. He would not let me take them off except when I needed to wash them. In fact, it was not later than four days when he ordered another set from the same brand for me.

One of the features that sold me off is the material of these pyjamas. They are made of satin material, gotten from 100% polyester – one of the best pyjama options that are not only convenient for falling asleep faster but also balance your body temperature in both warm and cold climates.

With an elastic waist and drawstring on the shorts, getting a perfect fit is not a problem for me (or anyone else, no matter their body shape). The button design on the blouse makes it easy to wear and take off the blouse with ease. And the dressage pattern is a colorful design that would be difficult for any fashionable woman like me to avoid.

This silky-soft, short pyjama set also shines in the aspect of a “loose and comfortable” fit. The style and the loose design complement my body shape to provide maximum comfort while wearing them. Unlike pyjamas made from other fabric types, these satin pyjamas fall snugly on my body, making them fit any silhouette perfectly.

As far as longevity is concerned, these pyjamas are a valuable investment that will probably stay with me for a lifetime. Their seams and ends show that they were given enough attention and are carefully checked for perfection.

So if you’re ready to sleep more comfortably and elevate your look with a pyjama blouse and shorts that fit snugly around your shape, while providing a loose fit, then this Dressage Dreams short pyjama set is your best bet. Contemplate no more, just go for it and you’ll be happy you did.


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