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Get Rid of Stretch Marks With KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil

KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil

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Stretch marks are unappealing, I detest them like cockroaches. But while I was gaining weight, these ugly sights began to appear on my skin. I did everything possible to curb them but they wouldn’t stop spreading. So I met a dermatologist who recommended the KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil.

Due to my sensitive skin, I took my time to study the product. I later purchased it based on its all-natural ingredients. It is composed of jojoba, strawberry, mandarin, sunflower, and 11 other naturally nourishing oils. And I also like the fact that it can moisturize the skin while getting rid of stretch marks.

To round off the safety feature of this oil, it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, gluten, formaldehyde carriers, silicones, dyes, or typical allergens. Because I’m a stay-at-home mom, I apply the oil randomly; sometimes in the morning, sometimes at noon, and other times in the evening. But I always make sure I use it daily.

At first, I think it wasn’t working. Three days later, I checked my skin and noticed that the ugly marks are gradually reducing. I kept applying the oil to the affected areas of my skin and surprisingly, all the marks disappeared in about 10 days. This makes me super excited.

I used the product for another week to make sure those marks aren’t coming back. It’s 2 years now since I got rid of the stretch marks on my body and they haven’t resurfaced. I have also recommended the oil to two friends who have stretch marks and they have also seen positive results.

All in all, I recommend this KIT & KIN Stretch Mark Oil to anyone who has stretch marks. It works and is affordable. Give it a try!


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