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The Ridiculously Soft Bra Is So Comfortable, that you can Even Wear It to Sleep

True Body Lift V-Neck Bralette True & Co

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I can’t remember the last time I ever wore a bra to sleep. Bras, as anyone who has to wear one knows, are usually already uncomfortable enough that the only thing I look forward to all day after putting one on, is the moment I can take it off again. At best, they can still be constricting to feel like a minimized version of corsets; at worst, they can be stuffy, restrictive, and ill-fitted to peek through shirts and sweaters. I’d happily never wear one during the daytime ever again, never mind one to bed.

Yet a few weeks ago, I completely forgot that I still had a bra on when I fell asleep after a long day at work. Only when I hopped in the shower the next morning did I realize that I was still wearing the new True Body Lift V-Neck bra with Soft Form Band by one of my favorite bra brands, True and Co. I wasn’t surprised—True and Co’s latest addition to its wildly popular collection is so buttery soft and comfortable, I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since I got my hands on one. It’s my new favorite bra to wear all day, all night.

True and Co was already known for its pillowy soft bras that remain flattering with a huge range of sizing, but the brand really has a winner on its hands with the Soft Form Band bra. It’s the first new fabric by the company since the launch of the incredibly popular True Body collection that easily tops best-seller charts at Nordstrom, and is so ridiculously comfortable because it mixes the wireless support of the company’s True Body Lift bras that are great for large chests with the new Soft Form Band knit fabric that lays flat even under tight shirts.

Since the Soft Form Band bra is so breathable and soft, I barely feel it around my ribcage at all. Even if they’re wireless, some bralettes easily curl up and ride up my torso when I’m sitting down. Thankfully, True and Co’s isn’t guilty of this uncomfortable trait. Whether I’m hunkered down in front of my desk all day or even when I’m doing physical therapy exercises, the True and Co bra never slips, rides up, or constricts my ribs.


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