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The #1 On-The-Go Self-Warming Baby Bottle – Ember Baby Bottle System Plus

Ember Baby Bottle System Plus

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Seriously, the Ember Baby Bottle System Plus is a lifesaver for my wife. For every new mom, satisfying a baby is like an endless race because if you’re not breastfeeding, you’ll probably be changing diapers, washing clothes, making formula, and so on.

For the feeding aspect, I couldn’t stand to watch my wife warming our baby’s bottle to the right temperature and juggling her crying baby at the same time, especially in the middle of the night. So I began to search for how to simplify our baby’s feeding routine when I found this self-warming baby bottle by Ember.

Although it was a bit more expensive than what I budgeted for, I didn’t mind the price because I wanted my wife to feed our baby more conveniently so she could also find time to rest. Without first informing her, I ordered the product and she was excited to have it.

At the same minute, we unbox the warmer and set it to work. We were so happy that it was the game-changer we needed for our baby’s feeding routine. With the quantity and quality of items in the package, I was pleased that the brand delivered valuable items for money.

The feeding system comes with two six-ounce baby bottles and I purchased an additional bottle so my wife can make enough baby food in the three bottles at once and store them for later, thanks to Ember for selling accessories.

The feeding system has multipoint temperature sensing and triple redundancy protections that help heat baby formula or breastmilk evenly and leave no hot spots in the food. Simply place the baby bottle on the Smart Warming Puck and it will warm the formula in just 5 minutes.

The best part, it doesn’t overheat. It automatically stops when the food is warm at a temperature that is similar to the human body temperature. This way, our baby enjoys warm food all the time.

Also, Ember makes it easier to feed our baby on the go. Once the warming puck is charged, my wife uses it at two full cycles to warm the feeding bottles. The included Insulating Thermal Dome also keeps milk or formula cool for a maximum of four hours or until you’re ready to warm the baby’s bottle.

With Ember’s app connected to your smartphone, you can set reminders and monitor feedings more conveniently. And, cleaning this smart bottle system is very easy – no difficulty involved.

On the whole, the Ember Baby Bottle System Plus has simplified our baby feeding routine, making it a lot easier to store baby’s food and warm it. For parents who love to feed their babies on the go, this portable and lightweight Ember’s innovative baby feeding solution is for you. You’ll be glad you buy it!


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