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Upgrade Your Outdoor Cooking Experience with the Portable Smarteco™ BBQ Grill

Portable Smarteco™ BBQ Grill

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I needed a portable grill for music festival camping and after reviewing many different options on the market, five products stood taller than the rest. While some of them are expensive, others are extremely cheap. But in terms of cooking capabilities, this Portable Smarteco™ BBQ Grill is the most superlative.

I have been using this barbecue grill since February 2018 and have been satisfied with its high level of construction and cooking abilities. By following the video installation instructions, you will assemble this unit in no time. It weighs only 10 pounds, making it easier to carry with one hand, and fits nicely in your car trunk.

Featuring a thermometer on the lid, the Portable Smarteco™ BBQ lets you take a look at the temperature and regulate it for precise cooking, creating flame-grilled meals that are more savory and enjoyable. I like the adjustable air vents which ensure heat is evenly distributed and another one for adequate braising.

Together with durable built quality and precise cooking, this portable outdoor grill has a stunning design you simply can’t ignore. Those who have seen this campsite BBQ grill with me couldn’t stop commenting on how elegant it looks. Plus, the wooden handles are a thoughtful design for safe handling when the grill is in use.

About a week ago, I hosted an outdoor party and used this Portable Smarteco™ BBQ Grill to cook about 5.5 pounds of fresh king salmon and it tastes so delicious. Using it for flame-grilled meat also creates a flavorful crust on the meat’s surface, making it softer and juicy.

Those who were at the party couldn’t stop raving about the scrumptious salmon and flavorful meat meals. Grilling hot dogs and chicken burgers came out equally juicy and tasty. The even heat distribution of this BBQ grill contributes immensely and makes every meal come out perfect.

For the price of this grill, I’m satisfied. And for its capabilities, I’m more than impressed. So if you want to take your campsite barbecue grilling to a completely new level, then this Portable Smarteco™ BBQ Grill is a must-have for even and delicious cooking every time.


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