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The Best Pacifier for Soothing a Newborn (Frigg Andersen Fairytale)

Frigg Andersen Fairytale Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier

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Infants love to suck their fingers, thumb, or tongue. My newborn is not exempted! I’ve bought several pacifiers for her but she wouldn’t suck them. Only this Frigg Andersen Fairytale Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier has significantly helped to calm my baby’s sucking reflex.

There are two pacifiers in the package and they are made of durable natural rubber latex. The pacifiers are safe for little mouths – free from plastic-manufacturing chemicals that are dangerous to little ones. Their flat, round nipple area makes it easy for babies to suck on and on.

My baby sucks this with all pleasure and wouldn’t let it slip out from her mouth and suck her tongue or fingers instead. The only time I usually remove it is when I want to breastfeed her. Also, I make sure that she sucks the two pacifiers interchangeably so that one won’t wear out before the other.

Whenever she’s restless, the pacifier helps her to fall asleep quickly (rather than crying or disturbing the house). At 4 months, I was surprised to see her removing and putting the pacifier back in her mouth. This makes me feel really happy.

I’ve been cleaning these pacifiers in warm water after each use and have never cleaned them in the dishwasher, microwaves, or sterilizers (as instructed). I’ve bought a couple more because I have to replace them with new ones every six weeks for safety reasons. On the whole, I can’t be happier enough as this 2-pack is affordable and my baby loves them.

Whether you have been disappointed by other pacifier brands or you need a new pacifier to calm your baby’s sucking reflex, this Frigg Andersen Fairytale Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier will meet your needs beyond expectations. Try it!


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