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Shop these Soft and Comfortable Spanx Faux Suede Leggings

Spanx Faux Suede Leggings

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The thought of dressing up to host a holiday feast for my family and friends while juggling messy cooking and a hot oven never really appealed to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking for my loved ones, but the idea of donning something nice only to feel uncomfortable while navigating the kitchen and trying not to spill on myself was not my idea of fun.

I didn’t think it was possible (at least for me) to both look stylish and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing while cooking and indulging in a hearty meal until I got my hands on a pair of Spanx Faux Suede Leggings. After wearing these leggings all day, from morning roll preparation to packing leftovers for my family, I was so comfy that I ended up falling asleep on my couch while wearing them.

To put it simply, these leggings are a fusion of the spandex compression pants I wear for running and the soft, luxurious feel of real suede. These machine-washable pants feature the brand’s “hidden core shaping technology,” which means that once I wriggled into them (Spanx’s own description, and they’re not wrong), everything looked seamlessly smooth. They provide secure support around my waist without feeling constricting, and the fabric is incredibly soft, so much so that I often find myself running my hands over it. But one of the best things about these leggings is that they are currently part of a rare site-wide sale.

Yes, you read that correctly—these leggings and many other items at Spanx are currently 20 percent off, with the brand also offering daily deals of up to 50 percent off. However, if you’re considering snagging a pair for yourself, I recommend adding them to your cart soon because this deal ends on Monday night.

And I’m not the only one raving about them. These leggings have received over 300 five-star reviews from shoppers who describe them as “very flattering,” “versatile for dressing up or down,” and claim that they feel so confident while wearing them that they are “no longer self-conscious.” One reviewer admitted to being a bit apprehensive about putting them on because they look so slimming, but they were pleasantly surprised that the leggings “hold everything in without causing discomfort” and make them “look fantastic in the process.” Another reviewer hailed them as the “best pants [they’ve] worn in years.”

So, if you’re looking for a pair of ultra-comfortable, fall-ready Spanx Faux Suede Leggings to add to your wardrobe, now is the time to do it, while they’re still available at a 20 percent discount for Cyber Monday.


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