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Feeding Your Puppies is Now Easier with Growom Puppy Feeder

Puppy Feeder for Multiple Puppies

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I bought this Growom Puppy Feeder for my newborn puppies and it works fine; the nipples are well made and they dispense milk perfectly.

My German shepherd recently gave birth to eight puppies and I needed a puppy feeder I can use to serve them milk. About 95% of the products I found on Amazon were poorly rated. If the quality of one feeder is not substandard, the nipples of another would be too small or not dispensing properly.

This Growom feeding station was relatively new when I purchased it. I was skeptical at first because it has only a few ratings, good ones though. It later turned out to be something I liked so much due to its bespoke design and incredible functions.

The puppy feeder is manufactured with food silicone material which is very soft and flexible. It has five lengthened nipples that feel almost the same as that of a mother dog, making it hard for puppies to discern between the feeder and their mother’s breasts.

The adjustable base is a reasonable feature. It allows me to adjust the height of the feeder to correspond to the height of the puppies so they can suck comfortably. And, while this is easy to use for pets, it’s also easy to clean by using water to rinse it as soon as it’s necessary.

I found that the 300ml capacity milk bowl was too small for the eight puppies, so I had to buy another feeder and both worked perfectly well. I am completely satisfied with this pet feeder. Therefore, I recommend it to pet owners.


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