Instant No-Cook Meal to Enjoy on Your Next Adventure – Itacate Campsite Lentejas

Itacate Campsite Lentejas

Whether it’s freshly cooked food or one that has been preserved, you definitely need to eat on a trip that involves many hours or days. As an outdoor person, I’ve tasted almost everything from sausage breakfast sandwiches to campfire grilled fish tacos but none of them is as nutritious, healthy, and FAST as this Itacate Campsite Lentejas.

I recently saw the ad for this instant food and decided to add it to other meals we wanted to take along for our backpacking trip. Out of the eight I bought, my daughter and I had already eaten four at home. The lentil soup tastes delicious, yet not too spicy, allowing us to spice it as we want.

Made of tomatoes and cilantro base, the lentil soup is a vegan meal that enriches the body with protein. While other meals require fuel or microwaving before they can be eaten, Itacate Campsite Lentejas does not require prepping or cooking – open the pouch and allow it to rehydrate for only 5 minutes and you can start enjoying it.

Not only does this lentil soup taste delicious but it’s also filling, making us stay full for many hours. Furthermore, the fact that the soup meal is not grainy makes it chewable and more enjoyable. I had to buy additional pouches for our backpacking trip and everyone appreciated it.

In my opinion, this Itacate Campsite Lentejas is worth buying. Whether you’re going camping, racing, fishing, sailing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, this will make an instant meal without the need for a stove or microwave. Give this lentil soup a try and you’ll cherish it.

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  1. Oats meal is amazing. When cooked it is wonderful.
    Oat is a nice meal. Please love it

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