La Vie Kid Natural Filtered Water: A Safe & Healthy Sugary Drinks Replacement

La Vie Kid Natural Filtered Water

The La Vie Kid Natural Filtered Water has just replaced sugary drinks in my kids’ lives, particularly in their lunch boxes. I’m excited that they’re now drinking filtered water that offers more health benefits than artificially sweetened drinks.

Jane and Mark are seven and four years old and they started drinking sugary drinks right from their toddler stage. Since then, they have become inseparable from sweet drinks. But recently, I discovered that they have developed picky eating habits and tooth erosion and decay, which made me uneasy.

A pediatric dietitian suggested I should stop giving them drinks with sweeteners. While this was a bit difficult to do at first, La Vie’s bottle with a variety of fun and unique wild animal designs was the game changer. Without minding whether the content of the bottle was sweet or not, my kids were always eager to see which of the bottle designs would go into their lunch box the next day.

The quality of the water gives me peace of mind because I’m confident that my kids are drinking safe and healthy water. La Vie natural water is free from both sugar and calories. Even without sugar content, the water tastes pleasant and has proven to improve the immune system of my kids.

I’m so excited that La Vie’s bottle designs and their water content helped my kids transition from sugary drinks to healthier natural water that tastes nice. Considering this filtered water in your home will also help your kids put sugary drinks at bay. Buy a pack (24 bottles) today for a trial.

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  1. The game-changing La Vie Kid Natural Filtered Water My youngster enjoys the cool flavor, and as a parent, I value the assurance that it is thoroughly filtered. Its portable packaging makes it ideal for hydration while on the run. It’s a great option for kids who want to drink in a healthy and fun way.would recommend

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