The Foot Massager That Gets the Job Done Wvery Time: Human Touch® Reflex PopUp Foot Massager

Human Touch® Reflex PopUp Foot Massager

I was diagnosed with neuropathy and after covid 19, I couldn’t go to the massage parlor anymore. So I was searching for a good foot massager to alleviate pain while sipping my tea in the morning.

As a picky fellow, I bought a high-end foot massager but had to return it because it worked more like a pressure device. I later came across the Human Touch® Reflex PopUp Foot Massager, and I decided to give it a try.

Below are my comments and experiences after using the unit for a week:

Enough Pressure & Massage: This is the most outstanding part of this product. It massages my feet exactly like real hand massaging does. I’ve been paying a huge amount of money at the massage parlor but with this massager, not anymore. It provides my heels and toes with enough massage.

Practical Pressure Intensity: It comes with three pressure intensities for different purposes. At the lowest pressure, I can still move my feet around in the massager but when I choose the highest pressure, that’s where things get interesting. I usually feel the pain but it works faster and better.

Modern Design: Beyond practicality, the contemporary design of this foot massager is eye-catching. It looks really nice around the feet while drinking a cup of tea and reading the newspaper or watching the TV. Anyone who sees this in your living room will appreciate it (not like those ugly-looking foot massagers).

Quiet Sound: If you dislike sounds in foot massagers, then this is for you. You will hear the sound but it’s completely quiet. It’s not the type of sound that will distract you while reading the newspaper or watching a program on the television.

Great Customer Service: I got an email three days after the product was delivered, asking me if the unit was meeting my needs. I decided to give them a call and during the conversation, I found that this company is not after your money but cares about its products and customers’ experience.

On the whole, I am 100% satisfied with this unit, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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  1. So I was searching for a good foot massager to alleviate pain, this product like real its very nice.

    1. This product is perfect i realy like it it gives a good result hurry up and try

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