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A quality diaper for your baby’s sensitive skin

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I believed in saying, Mother’s always want the best for their babies. I’m a mom of 3 blessed, healthy children. When it comes to using diapers, I always look at the quality and of course the prices. I consider the prices too much if it’s cost reasonable, but often I bought online by bulk so can save less.

Speaking of quality, I have 2 brands that I hook with. First is Pampers dry, I used this to my firstborn, especially in the first month. I like it for infant because it’s thinner, and it’s easy to fold, but later I change Trudi after I learned that my firstborn having a sensitive skin.

So, that was the time I was searching new brand of diaper. I saw Trudy, Am Satisfied so much proven that it can stay long hours without my baby comes wet.  I also love the thickness which helps remain dry and also proven to my firstborn who has a sensitive skin.

To all moms out there, if you are struggling sensitive skin to your infant, try to choose wisely for your baby needs. Trudi’s baby diaper base on my experienced, I can recommend to you.


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