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If You Love Cuddling, Then You’ll Fall in Love With This Body Pillow

Company Essentials™ Down Alternative Body Pillow Insert

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For those who prefer a springy, gentle and supportive pillow, the Company Essentials™ Down Alternative Body Pillow is recommended. Unlike conventional pads that feel too firm or thin, the soft, supportive pillow has proper support and can conform and bend to one’s sleeping position.

After using the pillow a few times, I noticed that its cotton cover feels smoother and softer compared to the surfaces of other cushions I have used. Likewise, the Down Alternative Body Pillow is a whooping 72 inches long, and its height is meant to accommodate the knees, ankles, and shoulders of people of varying sizes.

I also noted that the pillow is relatively light compared to other cushions I have tried. Thus, it’s convenient to shift its position in bed. I was also happy that Company Essentials™ Down Alternative Body Pillow also comes with a lifetime guarantee that enables shoppers to return it anytime for whatever reason.

It’s also worth mentioning that the pillow’s fill is silky and soft. It compresses perfectly but retains a proper measure of support and fluffiness.

Worried about skin irritation and reaction? The cotton on the pillow is Oeko-Tex-certified, meaning the fabric was subject to meticulous testing and is free from processes and substances that can harm people or the environment.

In a nutshell, Down Alternative Body Pillow is ideal for sleepers who require support for hips, ankles, and shoulders or for those who love cuddling something. 

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