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Prevent flathead and let your baby has many good nights of sleep with BabySafe Newborn Pillow

BabySafe pillow

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Nowadays, many newborn babies (including adults) are suffering from flathead syndrome because their heads were placed on a pillow with the wrong size and depth of cavity. For those affected, the deed has been done. But you can prevent such abuse on your baby’s head, and even help the head of those babies around you get in shape.

To do this, you need the BabySafe Newborn Pillow. It has the right cavity to support the shape and size of your baby’s head and neck placement. The pillow’s dimple has a soft cushion which makes newborns have many good nights sleeping on it.

Unlike adult pillows, the BabySafe pillow doesn’t become warm even after your baby has been sleeping on it for a long time. Plus, it’s not only comfortable to use but also easy to wash, especially when your baby pukes on the pillow.

Based on several great reviews, I bought the BabySafe newborn pillow, and using a pillow with such effective dimples impresses me. The pillow is super comfy and keeps my baby’s head in shape. It also comes with a breathable pillow case, which lets my baby sweat less, even without using the air conditioner.

And in case your newborn baby already has a flat head, the BabySafe pillow will make the infant’s head round out after a few weeks of usage. The pillow can also serve as a perfect gift for your friends and family members who just gave birth or already has a baby they are nursing.

Click on the link below to buy at a wholesale price and save your baby from flathead syndrome.



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