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Best Essential Kit for Newborns

Kokoso Baby Newborn Essentials Kit

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As the birth of my baby was getting nearer, I cross-checked to see if I have bought every item on the list. Good enough, all items were ready for the arrival of my baby. But a few days before the delivery, an intimate friend brought the Kokoso Baby Newborn Essentials Kit as a gift for my unborn baby.

I didn’t place much importance on it at first, but I later realized that the items in the kit are not just the “nice-to-haves” but the “must-haves” for every newborn. The kit includes body and hair wash, a mini pot for coconut oil, and a baby bath sponge, which are of better quality than those I bought earlier.

I found all items very useful on my baby’s arrival. The body wash cleanses impurities and dirt from my baby’s delicate skin so easily and makes it smooth and moisturized. It also helps prevent diverse body and hair diseases such as dandruff in babies, ringworm, and cradle crap.

The mini pot makes it easy to apply coconut oil to my baby with ease. And the bath sponge is very soft and is great for delicate skin. Overall, this gift is the best addition to my baby essentials. In case you don’t get this kit as a gift, you can buy it at the best price via the link below.


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  1. Chukwudi Chimezie

    Essentially material need when newborn .must be available at home. Ask long you wife is pregnant is here

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