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Peel all the dead skin cells away with COSRX Low pH Soft Peeling Gel

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I don’t like scrubbing my face too hard, but sometimes even the simple washing of my face doesn’t feel enough. Dead skin cells can accumulate on my face, and I fear that this could lead to more acne breakouts, skin aging, and dull skin. Luckily, I found out about COSRX and their very useful and effective product—the Low pH Good Night Soft Peeling Gel.

Basically, what it does is peel away all the dead skin cells on your face and leave it baby soft after. I have started using this after my usual facial wash, and let me tell you, the effects are miraculous. Without even that much effort, as soon as I apply the gel, it melts into my skin and begins to work its magic. I can physically feel that there are dead skin cells being peeled away. I use this for my face whenever it gets cold and there’s unwanted peeling on the sides of my face, as well as a supplement to lighten my acne scars.

It is better to use it after the usual facial wash—whatever you initially use will do—and I guarantee you that it will leave your skin baby soft. What makes me love this product even more is that it is great for someone like me who has sensitive skin. It is extremely gentle and won’t irritate or redden your skin because it doesn’t contain any alcohol or parabens at all. It does everything it advertises it can do!

So I say do the best for your skin and try this product out! You won’t regret it at all!


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