Accrual and Payment of Earned Funds


AdKeeps platform paid for specific actions of members and their referrals: attracting new readers, making subscriptions and social sharing articles. As well as publishing articles and comments.

  • TPoints (Traffic Points) – local currency that converted into real money and accrual for specific actions of a member or his referral. Authors of articles awarded for reading and commenting by other users.
  • Points – affect the member’s Rank and the TPoints accrual size.

For new members, the accrual of TPoints for reading, commenting and referring is limited to a daily limit. Increase your Rank to increase your limits.

Author Royalties

The royalties accrual to authors for reading and commenting on their articles by other users, by accumulating TPoints. To receive your earnings, you must now submit a payment request.

How Points/TPoints work?

Points are a defining measure of the value of your activity and rank in AdKeeps. The more Points you have accumulated, the higher your activity will be valued.

TPoints (Traffic Points) are real money that you can withdraw in full. They are  awarded for specific actions of a member or his referral. One TPoint is equivalent to approximately 0.001 US dollars.


The AdKeeps payment cycle is monthly. You accrue estimated earnings over the course of a month, and then at the beginning of the following month your earnings are finalized. If you have no payment holds, you’ll be issued a payment between the 25st and the 30th of the month. Note that the exact time you receive your payment will depend on your timezone, whether the 30st falls on a weekend or holiday.

TPoints can be withdrawn after passing the minimum payout threshold of $25. Will need to submit a request to withdraw your earned funds in the Balance section.

Payments are made during standard business hours. The average processing time for payment is three (3) working days.

We use PayPal to pay our members. There are no exceptions.