Posting Rules

A few simple rules about Promo Posts.

Before you begin submitting Promo Posts, let’s first go over the rules.

  1. Promotional Posts must be written in English, and written exclusively for AdKeeps. It is against our policies to use or reuse posts on any other sites.
  2. Promotional Posts should be written with individual stylistics, and describe the personal consumer experience. A mere description of the product or service will not be sufficient for approval.
  3. Promotional Posts needs to contain a minimum of 1000 characters. We do encourage longer posts. Check your posts for spelling and grammar before sending for review.
  4. Promotional Posts must match or be congruent with a store product page (Landing page). Remember your review should help shoppers determine if they are interested in a product, service, or website.
  5. The products, services, and websites you write about must have landing page URL. For example, if you write about a product like deodorant, the deodorant you write about must be associated with an store product page. The first thing you need to have is the URL of the landing page.
  6. Referral parameters in the URL of your Landing page are allowed only if they are in the appropriate format.
  7. Landing pages that violate the rules of the Internet community and International Advertising Standards will not be allowed.
  8. Promotional Posts that violate the norms of the Internet community and International Advertising Standards will not be allowed.

For examples of Promo Posts that best represent the quality, style and content that we strive, check out our Promo Post Wall.

I published a post, but after some time the status changed to “Offline” Is this a technical error?

No. “Offline” status occurs when there are errors in your Promo Post which need to be corrected. The most common reasons for “Offline” status are punctuation and spelling mistakes within your post. 70% of posts get rejected because of basic spelling mistakes. Please fix any and all grammatical errors before resubmission. For more help see AdKeeps’ Posting Rules.

What reason are my promotional posts being reject for?

Your articles are rejected for several main reasons:

  • Non-compliance with Ads standards
  • Lack of personality in writing style
  • Grammar and stylistic errors in the text
  • Insufficient completeness of the review
  • One-time and seasonal promotions
What happens to my articles after they post to your site, do I still own them?

Once Promo Posts are accepted into our system, AdKeeps becomes the new owner of the work. Authors are compensated for these creatives while copyright control is transferred to Adkeeps, SP.