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Use Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off Refreshes your Carpets to the core (useful for tackling annoying stains)

BISSELL 2072N ProHeat 2x Lift-Off

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Homes have a habit of harboring all sorts of nasty odors and as I observed, Carpets are easy to absorb bad smell over time, it can also trap mold spores, leaving your home with a musty smell. So deep clean your carpets or other home surfaces regularly or at least once a year using Bissell ProHeat 2x Lift-Off carpet cleaner. Its unique and innovative design offers the possibility to benefit from a portable stain removal unit, useful for tackling annoying stains on stairs, upholstery, car interiors or anywhere else they hide.  A great choice for anyone who wants to clean and sanitize their home.

I’ve been using Bissell a long time, and I’m really satisfied with its functions. It Cleans tough stains on carpets and grime or dirt marks on the upholstery. One of my ideal brands of steam cleaner for quick sanitization of surfaces so far. Now, I can easily remove stains on carpets every time my kids played messy things.

The Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaner is strong enough to deal with every type of mess. Compared to the other brand I have used to steam the carpet which the problem I’ve had with it, is it is so difficult to get the water hot enough. But thanks to this Bissell cleaner, the boiler heat-up in just minutes and the temperature of the steam at the nozzle reaches 100°, which is great for deep cleaning ability.

Overall, it is a handy tool to have at the home, especially if you want to keep those hard surfaces spotless. The best steam cleaner that consistently provides effective cleaning.

So, If you want a durable and quality cleaner that will tackle annoying stains on carpet and delivers overall great performance, choose the Bissell ProHeat Carpet Cleaner for a reasonable price at Amazon, I highly recommend this!


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