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Prevent Post-birth Depression and Anxiety With Hottea Mama Newborn Wonder

Hottea Mama Newborn Wonder

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Every baby is prone to fussing and crying within the first three months of their birth, which can lead to depression and exhaustion for the mother. And as a mother with previous child-raising experience, I have purchased the Hottea Mama Newborn Wonder to take care of myself at post birth, so I’ll be fit to care for my baby whether day or night.

Newborn Wonder is a tea formulated to help mothers stay healthy while caring for their newborns, easily and more efficiently. The perfect blending of rose buds and white peony makes this tea extremely effective to keep new moms going in the fourth trimester.

White peony contains antioxidants for reducing the risk of different disease in the body while rose buds contain anti-inflammatory properties for reducing inflammation such as swelling, pain, and redness.

Hottea Mama tea is also rich in caffeine and theanine. These substances keep my brain active and increase my alertness, energy, and attention when I’m taking care of my baby. More importantly, it helps promote relaxation, making me fall asleep faster and sleep better.

The Newborn Wonder tea is gluten-free and vegan-friendly with a sweet-smelling aroma. I usually brew a bag to make three cups of tea and it tastes really nice. With one cup a day, I have everything it takes to carry on with my baby, whether she lay down calmly or she’s crying profusely.

As the UK award winner of the Best Maternity Product in 2019, this product is definitely worth investing in for your next fourth trimester. Every man can also buy it for their wife at birth time. This will keep new mothers healthy always.

Furthermore, this tea is also great for anyone who occasionally or often gets tired. Drinking a cup in the morning will provide you with the energy you need for the day. And if you decide to sip it at bedtime, it will make you wake feeling rejuvenated.

Thus, this is a must-have tea for every home. Take advantage of the current price before it’s increased. Hurry now while supplies last.


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